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Welcome to Zeevex's Developer and Integration Documentation. This documentation should tell you all you need to know about accepting Zeevex virtual currency in your online store.

If you are a game operator, merchant, or anybody interesting in accepting the Zeev Token virtual currency as a payment method, you may wish to visit first to understand the company and its offerings.

Please send any questions or requests to become a Zeevex merchant to

Starting Points

You can use all of the Confluence Wiki's tools to search and navigate through this documentation. However, the links below are good starting points for your reading.

Other Formats

Note that you can also export this entire Wiki to PDF or HTML format if that is a more convenient way for you to read. It may be somewhat out of order, as wikis are meant to be read non-linearly, but all the information will be in one document.

To download an HTML copy of the documentation, click HTML Export, and select the pages you would like to have exported. By default, all pages are selected and exported.

There is a periodically updated PDF copy attached to the page Printable Version.

If you are reading this in a PDF file or printout, please check out the online documentation. The online documentation is always more up-to-date.